Israel – Palestaine War

Israel – Palestaine War

Western Democratic Leaders from the US to the Israel (Fathers of State Terrorism) have Selective Amnesia for the Truth

‘Let the elderly accept their fate’: former British PM Boris Johnson’s view of Covid.

Former Chancellor and the current British PM Rishi Sunak thought the Government should ‘just let people die’, Covid Inquiry hears.

Also, they lied that they took all the decisions of lockdown and lifting restrictions based on the consultation of scientific advisors. Government scientific advisors categorically denied that they were consulted on those decisions. These so-called democratic, wealthy fat cats / leaders let their own people die to make profit, in other word economic growth for the fat cats. Also, they have numerous parties while their own country men and women fight for their last breath.

When it comes to making and maximising profit these so-called leaders don’t care about humanity. Whether it is Conservative Party or Labour Party whether it is blue or red they are ‘throat cutting’ animals when it comes to profit maximisation for their cronies.

I haven’t used the word ‘throat-cutting’ metaphorically, I am using the word literally. Every ‘throat cutting’ organizations such as: Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas aren’t created by Islam. It is created by and used by so-called western democracy to serve their purpose.

To secure oil in the middle-east Iraq was targeted in 1991. Then British PM Tony Blair and USA President George W Bush sexed up a weapon of mass destruction report and said that Iraq had a weapon of Mass Destruction and was able to destroy New York within an hour.

They didn’t learn anything from the past. Now they are killing palestenians and bombing hospitals by saying they killing Hamas and Hamas has a millitary command centre lies underneath Al Shaifa hospital. And continuely lying and commiting genocide while people around the world are watching.

These leaders buddy up and caused death to 500,000 muslims and destroyed Iraq in 1991. They didn’t stop there. They moved onto Libya destroy Libya. They did the same to Syria. Non of those countries are religiously consevertive as Saudi Arbia. But they had much better quality of live than minorities living in so-called democratic world. Those Islamic countries’ leaders aren’t perfect. They are autocrats, however that won’t give the west, the right to invade and destroy other countries.

The west set the example, Russia colonised Crimea and invaded Ukraine. The west setting new examble by killing Palestinian children in thousands including premature babies. Israel PM Netanyahu is a creator of Hamas and he is a known criminal in his own country. To cling on to power he is carrying on genocial war on Plestinians, with the support of the west.

According to the latest news tomorrow Hamas and Israel agree to exchange some of their captives and there will be four days of pause in bombing and killing. It could lead to cease fire as pressure on the west is growing by the day. If that happens Israel PM Netanyahu won’t be able to cling on power.

The powerful wealthy nations / monsters have the right to do anything they like, because they have selective amnesia for the truth. The humanity should wake up!