In memory of Former Governor of Northern Province Rginold Cooray

What did former governor of Northern province’s view on Tamil Political Leadership – Exclusive Interview with Reginold Kuree

Former Governor of Northern Province and former Chief Minister of Western Province, Reginald Kure has passed away on Friday 13th of January 2023, at the age of 74. The former governor who suffered a heart attack while discussing the upcoming local council election and candidate selection at a restaurant in Vattuvai yesterday (12th January) passed away while being admitted to the hospital.

Reginald Kure started his political career as a JVP activist and served jail terms and ended up as the chairman of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Kalutura District. The left leaning Sinhala politician who always has a soft corner for Tamils which was the reason for him to be appointed as governor of Northern Province.

While he was the governor, he visited the UK and other European countries and during the visit he gave ThesamNet an interview, in which he openly criticized the inefficiency of the Tamil political leaders. The interview was recorded at his family friend and left leaning political activist Thamilalahan Nadarajah’s home in Harrow, London.



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